Why invest in Portugal?

There are many reasons why you should invest in real estate in Portugal, the climate, the taxes, the infrastructure, the sympathetic people and the low cost of living.

Taxes and legal

Pensioners from a lot of countries like Belgium, Sweden, Norway, Finland and France have a ten year tax exemption when they become Portuguese resident. Because in the Algarve almost everyone speaks English it is a very nice place for Americans as well.

For them we can help to find a nice place, that can be a simple countryhouse, an apartment or a nice villa with pool, in all regions of the Algarve, in all price categories. The Portuguese government wants to attract people from abroad so they set up some very nice tax rules.

Here you can check the advantages of the Non Habitual Resident system.

As you see, you can live 10 years in Portugal, without paying tax. Of course there are some rules for this, every situation is different, but we work together with specialised accountants and we can guide you through the whole process.

Also investing in real estate in Portugal for renting out can lead to significant tax savings. If you are not Portuguese resident and you declare any rental income in Portugal there is a very low tax rate and because of treaties with most countries you do not pay tax in your homeland. If you rent out your house you must achieve a license (AL) and pay only a very reasonable amount of tax in Portugal, whether you are fiscal resident or not.

But: do not wait too long, tax rules are changing every year.


Due to increased demand from different countries and the end of the real estate crisis in Europe, the market currently pulls strongly. Perhaps the Brexit will delay this a bit, but according to most experts *) , this is only temporary. Especially high quality real estate can still be bought for good prices now, so, also considering the low interest rates, this will be the best investment for the long term.

The Algarve was chosen for the third year in a row as best place to retire worldwide!

Golden Visa

For non-EU residents the Portuguese Golden Visa program can be very interesting. If you can invest in real estate for a minimum of € 500.000 you can apply for a Golden Visa. With this you are a EU resident, so you can work or study throughout the union.

Click here for more info about Golden Visa.

Our service

We are a Dutch consultancy company, not a real estate agent. We advise consumers and businesses about investing possibilities in the Algarve. We work together with many agents, builders, architects, lawyers, accountants and other people who can help you to make a good investment decision. We can arrange viewings with different agents and help you to negotiate. We also can bring you in contact with independent lawyers, so there will be no negative surprises after the deal is closed.

On our properties page you can see a few properties to get an idea of prices and possibilities, but the market changes daily, so better contact us with your wishes and demands and we will find the perfect property for you.

All payment options, currencies and offshore deals possible!

What are you looking for?

In order to be able to get a purchase, it is important that before you go to view houses we know what your requirements are.

Would you like to live there permanently or part-time, you want to rent it out in the season?

What kind of location you wish, near the beach, in or near a village, in the countryside, in a (golf) resort, how many bedrooms, large plot or not, swimming pool, garden, garage etc.

Do you want to start a business, for example a B&B?

Of course, all these things influence the final price so it is very important to know what budget is available. You should bear in mind that financing in Portugal for non residents is currently almost impossible.

Please feel free to contact us, without obligation, via the Contact page and let us know what you want.


When buying a property you have to pay IMT, transfer tax. The rate is based on a sliding scale from 0-6%. Click here for a pdf-file with the actual IMT rates.

If you buy a house including the inventory, the costs of the inventory can be deducted from the price before the IMT is calculated.

The other costs are:

- a lawyer , depends on the difficulty of the transaction, 1-2,5%

- the registration, around 1,8%

- the notary, around 0,3%

Normally the agent is paid by the seller.

If we assist you with viewings, advice etc. , we charge € 75,- per hour plus € 0,30 per kilometer.

If buying property in Portugal you must have a fiscal number (the lawyer can arrange that for you) and a bank account.

The procedure

The buying process in Portugal is not very complicated, but one must take into account some important issues.

If a buyer finds a house that he wants to buy, he can make an offer. The agent is required to pass this bid to the owner. If buyer and seller agree on the bid a lawyer starts his work. First there will be made a preliminary contract and the buyer pays 10-20% of the price to the third party account of the lawyer. The lawyer will then figure out exactly if the house meets all legal requirements, if the licenses are in order, if there are no resting debts like mortages, if the house is well registered in the real estate registry and the tax office etc. If everything is OK, (this can last between 2 weeks and 3 months), an appointment with the notary will be made to sign the final contract. Before that, the remaining amount and the IMT has to be paid. When the final contract (the deed) is signed then the lawyer registers the purchaser as the new owner and then contracts can be signed for electricity, water, telephone, TV, Internet, etc.

Buyers can always give a power of attorney to the lawyer so they do not have to come to Portugal for every formality.

The Algarve

The Algarve has an excellent infrastructure, is easily accessible and is very popular with tourists. In the summer of 2016, the number of tourists increased again compared to previous years and 2017 will be even busier. In the spring and autumn, the Algarve is popular with many golfers, the region has the highest "golf density" of the world. All other kinds of sports are possible, there are waterparks, a zoo, retailparks with international and Portuguese shops, and in a few hours drive you are in Lisbon or Seville, two of the most popular cities of Southern Europe. The airport of Faro is very modern and has, via price fighters like Ryanair and Easy Jet, fast and cheap connections with many cities throughout Europe.

The climate is the best of Europe, they call the Algarve "the Florida of Europe".

More than 300 days of sun, in summer almost always a little sea breeze so it will never be too hot, moderate winters with some rain, essential for the nature and the water supplies, perfect spring and autumn.